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Reds from Two Sides of the Andes

All of last week's wines proved to be hearty and therefore, a good fit for a cold New England evening with a heavy meal.
January 18, 2012

John writes,

We began with the Chilean wines and as it were, all three were from the same producer, Vina Falernia. First up was the 2007 Falernia Carmenere. Showing true varietal characteristics of herbs, leather and spice while providing good acidity and body. For many tasters, this was their first experience with Carmenere, the lost grape of Bordeaux that was only identified in Chile twenty years ago, most enjoyed it. One told me it was his favorite wine of the tasting.

The second wine was the 2007 Falernia Carmenere-Syrah Reserva. This showed the expected pepper and herb of the varietals, but with some smoked meat, plum and chocolate. One taster approached me to tell me that the tasting notes were very accurate and that he would not have associated the smoked meat note otherwise.

The 2007 Falernia Syrah Reserva showed similar characteristics with the previous, only more intense. This was clearly the favorite of the three Chileans.

With the fourth wine, we moved into Argentina. The 2010 Renacer Malbec Punto Fino was clearly a value Malbec for a more developed palate. Overdelivering at its price point and clearly a favorite of the tasting, it showed rich fruit and spice with good minerality. A couple of our regular tasters called this wine was “too easy to drink”.

The 2008 Tikal Jubilo proved a very serious wine and also the favorite of the night. While not inexpensive, finding wines this well made at this price, from other well known wine regions would be nearly impossible.

Last up was the 2009 Renacer Enamore. A rich, seductive wine made in the Italian Amarone style. This wine was very much enjoyed by all and upon returning to the store following the tasting, I could see it was the best seller.



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